Welcome to AK REC Testimonials

"Ariel. Your ARE the future of basketball in Montreal. Your friendly, aggressive style in recruiting, your first class organized venues and clear schedules, your user friendly web site, your appreciated hard working officials, your hands on presence, making sure that every game takes place one way or the other, this is what teams look for..."
"Merci Ariel,
J'apprécie beaucoup les efforts que tu mets en place pour que ta ligue de basket soit excellente. En fait, c'est sincèrement la mieux organisée à laquelle j'ai eu le plaisir de jouer:)!
Merci encore"

"Awesome website guys. Its good to find a solid competitive league where all the teams look like they can make a run for the playoffs. Really excited for the rest of the summer."
John B.
"...I think that it's difficult for anyone to dispute that you've made some amazing improvements to the league. The contests, prizes, trips and quality officiating really make the experience that much better. I think it's important for other captains to know that I, as a very active captain, have done my homework, and genuinely support you and your league..."
"Hi Ariel,
Thanks for the opportunity to play. Your league is so well organized - well done!"
"...I wanted to tell you how much I appreciated the game last tuesday. You did a very good job and you're very professional. I'm very satisfied of "our collaboration" for this league, it's really great !!! So thanks a lot for this opportunity and continue the good work. Thanks again for everything!!"